the Zalmhaventower


In addition to a beautiful luxury kitchen, we designed a beautiful custom cabinet made of wood veneer for this apartment in the clouds, which is fully integrated in this beautiful penthouse. For us, the Zalmhaventoren / Zalmhaventower on the Gedempte Zalmhaven in the Rotterdam Scheepvaartkwartier is one of the most beautiful canvases for custom made furniture.

Do you also need a custom cabinet here? Or perhaps a walk-in closet, home workplace or other furniture? Do not hesitate to contact us. TR Custom Carpentry can also provide you with a custom kitchen, completely designed and built to your wishes. We make our furniture from our Rotterdam furniture workshop, located on the northern edge of the city.

We feel at home in the Rotterdam high-rise, so do you have an apartment in the Red Apple, Markthal, the Rotterdam, New Orleans, Montevideo, Fenixloods, Terraced Tower, CasaNova, Up:town, The Muse, Hoge Heren or perhaps a tower which is still in the construction phase, we are happy to be of service!

Built-in cabinet, Kitchen, Wall cabinet, Wardrobe
Gedempte Zalmhaven, Scheepvaartkwartier, het Nieuwe Werk, Rotterdam
HPL, woodveneer