Interior build


During the renovation of this ‘kluswoning’ in the center of Rotterdam, TR Custom Carpentry provided various custom solutions for the apartment with a loft layout located on the top floors.

In addition to designing and installing the kitchen, our furniture workshop has fitted the front of the apartment with a custom wall cabinet that completely wraps around the window frames. This bookcase also functions as a bench and is made entirely of solid birch plywood.

On the top floor, which overlooks the floor below through the vide, an unconventional design was developed in collaboration with the architect involved to meet all the client’s wishes; a bath, toilet, steam shower, washing machine room and installation room to be placed under the partly sloping roof.

This design resulted in a luxurious matt black bathtub built-in a box made of black stained Tricoya, one of the most durable materials available, with space on both sides for a functional chest of drawers and a washbasin.

One large block built from birch plywood has been placed over the long wall of the room, where all other items, despite the limited height, were more than fully accommodated. Do you also have a difficult space in the house for which our creativity as a furniture maker can be the solution? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities!

Bathroom furniture, Bookcase, Wall cabinet
Oude Westen, Middelland, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland
Berken multiplex, Medite Tricoya